How To Avoid Buying A Lemon

There are going to be some minor purchases that we have in our lives and there are going to be some major ones that will crop up.  One of the most major and life altering purchases that we will make is the purchase of a home.  For most people, a home is going to be a lifelong investment, where we will spend most of our time and hopefully get a monetary return when we go to move or sell it.  However, it is important that we get a home inspection in Las Vegas, NV first to ensure that we are not buying a lemon or a money pit.

Show up

home inspection in Las Vegas, NV

This might seem like common sense but most people won’t even show up for the home inspection.  They feel that they don’t want to get in the middle of things or will cause the inspector to miss something and give them a bad report.  However, it is vital that you show up, ask questions and be an active participant in your inspection.  If they see something then you can explain what it was, what you did to fix it and other issues that may sway their decision.

Take your own pictures

When going through the inspection have a camera ready.  This can be on your phone or any other type of camera that you may have.  You may even want to have a video camera to record what the inspector does and says so in case there is a miscommunication as to what was written and what was said, you have documented proof.

Pay attention to the roof

Out of all the areas that you might have issues will be the roof.  Before you have an inspection done you may want to go and have someone inspect the roof or do some work on the roof.  Make sure that there are no leaks, blown shingles and other damage.  If you are going to fail, the roof will be the most likely and expensive to replace.