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GE Appliances

GE’s commitment to appliances has never been stronger. Backed by an investment of more than $1 billion, the company’s legacy of innovation continues. GE is streamlining manufacturing, conducting more consumer research, launching new product innovations and creating more jobs in five U.S. factories. In addition, GE is pioneering new energy-efficient solutions. According to a Green Builder 2012 Readers Choice Brand Study, GE is the green brand most strongly associated with sustainable products and environmental stewardship AND offers the greenest appliance products.  

As a flagship initiative for sustainable building, GE offers the GE Homes Inspired by ecomagination Program. It follows very specific building requirements developed by the Masco Home Service, Inc. Environments For Living® Certified Green program. This results in a home that is certified and guaranteed to be more comfortable and energy- and water-efficient than industry-accepted average new homes. In addition to a HERS index of 68 or less*, it delivers at least 20% whole-home energy and indoor water savings!** This turnkey program offers a blueprint to the perfect balance of comfort, savings and eco-responsibility – from a name you and your homebuyers trust. Learn more at or call 866.209.1906 .

GE ENERGY STAR® qualified appliances are a big part of the GE Homes Inspired by ecomagination Program, helping homeowners live more sustainably without sacrificing style or performance. The GeoSpring™ hybrid water heater, a 2013 Top 10 Green Building Product, is one of them. Advanced heat pump technology uses up to 62% less energy than a standard electric water heater to reduce utility costs up to $365 every year.*** Plus, tax credits and utility rebates make GeoSpring a very smart investment. Visit for information and current incentives.  

In addition to producing energy-efficient appliances, GE participates in a number of programs sponsored by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). GE is the first and only appliance manufacturer to implement the EPA’s Responsible Appliance Disposal (RAD) Program, which helps reduce emissions of greenhouse gases and landfill waste. The company is also part of the EPA’s SmartWay Program, which requires organizations to use sustainable transportation methods to move their appliances to market, and WasteWise, a voluntary initiative focused on waste reduction and saving environmental resources while reducing emissions.

For more information on GE products, services and programs, please contact:

Paula Trujillo
Marketing Specialist
Appliance Park 4-10


* A Home Energy Rating is the projected energy performance of a home based on a review of the construction plans.
**Compared to industry-accepted average new homes.
***Based on DOE test procedure and comparison of a 50-gallon standard electric water heater using 4879 kWh every year vs. GeoSpring using 1830 kWh every year.

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