Industrial vs. Commercial vs. Residential Electricians

Many people make the mistake of assuming that any electrician can handle any job, but this is often not true. There are electricians that specialize in different types of buildings, including residential electricians, industrial electricians, and commercial electricians. The work that they do will be very different along with the equipment that they use, so you need to know what type of electrician you need before hiring one.

Residential Electricians

Residential electricians work with residential buildings. These electricians will use supplies that are a bit simpler than the ones that would be used for commercial buildings. Homes require different electrical standards then commercial or industrial buildings, so if you have a residential home you’re going to need to contact a residential electrician.

Industrial Electricians

And industrial electrician or someone that works with industrial buildings such as chemical plants or factories. Essentially, industrial electricians can be considered commercial electrical contractors in Pigeon Forge, TN that perform complex jobs and work with high powered instruments and circuitry. If your business is a factory or uses industrial equipment, you will likely need an industrial electrician to handle your needs.

Commercial Electricians

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Commercial electricians are professionals that work in commercial buildings such as offices, retail stores, grocery stores, and more. They typically focus on installing lighting as well as outlets and other electrical system components that the building will need. Commercial electricians are highly skilled at working in these buildings and will provide the best services possible for your business.

It may seem like a simple task, but knowing the right electrician for the job is very important. Consider the type of building that needs work when you’re trying to figure out which electrician you need for your specific project, repair, or installation. Once you figure that out, you’ll have no problem finding the right professional for you.