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Alliance Action Group: Codes

Alliance Builders and Sponsors Only

March 5th launch, 8am PT/9am MT/10am CT/11am ET; 1st Tuesday each month


One of the big questions Alliance builders are asking is “How do I satisfy or exceed codes and standards while creating a high quality product my customers actually want?”

Builders have raised issues and concerns, including:

  • Preparing for what's coming
  • The speed with which new codes are introduced
  • Inconsistencies in code adoption and enforcement
  • Prescriptive versus performance approaches
  • Balancing cost and performance
  • Difficulty with getting even better construction practices to “pass”
  • Availability of skilled labor to deliver at higher code levels
  • Inconsistencies with the new home inspection process

On March 5th, we’ll launch the ‘Codes’ Action Group to address this challenge head on. Together, we’ll further define the issue from the builder’s perspective, identify the changes that need to happen within individual companies and throughout the industry, engage key stakeholders in the process, and develop tools and resources needed to help builders satisfy or exceed codes and standards in a way that makes sense for their business.

One hour calls / web meetings will take place the first Tuesday of each month starting at 8am Pacific / 9am Mountain / 10am Central / 11am Eastern. An agenda will be distributed prior to each call.

Who should participate?

Action Groups are open to Alliance builder members and sponsors only. If you’re an Alliance builder, in addition to keeping corporate and regional executives in the loop, we’d suggest inviting Vice Presidents of Construction, Design, Purchasing, R&D and Government/Code Relations to participate.

What will we discuss?

Alliance builders will drive the agenda. Don’t miss the March 5th call, where we’ll flesh out the issue in more detail. Until then, visit our private LinkedIn Group (Best Practices Research Alliance) and look for Betsy’s post “Codes Action Group: First Thoughts”. Learn what issues and ideas Alliance builders have brought to the table so far through kickoff calls and meetings at the International Builders Show.

If you’re an Alliance builder or sponsor but aren’t a part of our private LinkedIn Group yet, you can request to join directly through LinkedIn. You’ll be approved within 48 hours.

How can I sign up for the Codes Action Group?

To add yourself or a colleague to the distribution list for the Codes Action Group, email Betsy Scott. You’ll receive a follow up email with dial-in / login information for the calls.


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