Can You Get Complete Dentures Repaired

how to repair dentures in Port Saint Lucie

Did you drop your dentures, leading to them getting fractured? These are undoubtedly delicate and might develop cracks if you do not handle them with care. That said, the good part is you can get them fixed. If you are wondering how to repair dentures in Port Saint Lucie, here is everything you need to know.

Steps to Take In Case of A Broken Denture

Irrespective of the reason behind the damage, you must take prompt action when your dentures break.

·    Pick up all the broken pieces and store them in a case until taken to the dentist.

·    Do not wear a set of damaged dentures.

·    Meet with a dentist to get your dentures repaired as soon as possible.

Repair Kit Is An Option

You may come across several repair kits and DIY methods to fix the damaged dentures. Though it is a cheaper and quicker option, you must know that it has multiple downsides.

·    It is just a temporary solution. You will need to get the dentures fixed by a professional later on.

·    Once treated by a repair kit, it may be difficult for a technician to mend the denture completely.

·    Poor repair may cause problems and discomfort in usage.

Fixing Dentures

For professional dental technicians, fractured dentures are relatively easy to repair. In case you damage the denture, a prosthodontist will replace the broken tooth with a new one. You need not worry as it will look exactly similar to the old tooth.

Denture Replacement

There may be a case where your dentures are beyond repair. If the damage is too extensive, your dentist may suggest that a replacement is the best option.

Summing Up

While caring for dentures is quite essential, you must not panic if you end up breaking them. In fact, a dental repair is usually easy and requires minimal expense. Still, remember not to use any damaged dentures and contact a dentist as soon as possible!