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The Best Practices Research Alliance is for builders, driven by builders. We bridge the gap between builders, manufacturers, government and other key stakeholders to drive quality and performance in U.S. homes and homebuilding businesses.

Delivering Value to Drive Change.

How We

We help builders focus on "the life lived in the home" when communicating the value of home performance.

How We

We track industry building practices, uncover emerging trends, and bring the latest news in codes and standards to our builder members to improve homes and businesses.

Future of Housing

We help prepare for the future by examining what homes, businesses and the market will look like in the next  5, 10, 15 years.

Connect with us.

We believe that the best ideas come from collaboration. Connect with us to learn how.

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This year’s event showed that when industry leaders come together in a collaborative environment, the knowledge and innovation in the…

Join us in Austin, the music capital of the world, and get down to the Business of Performance.

Over two…

Leading builders, sponsors and invited experts gathered to discuss the mechanics of home performance at the second annual Tech Summit,…

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In October, we spent two days in Austin, the live music capital of the world, getting down to the Business…

Cost of Quality 2015 Update

We project that builders who’ve participated in our Cost of Quality study so far could save $3,800+ per house with just a 1%…

Home Valuation Tools Oct 2015

At the Annual Meeting, Sandy Adomatis of the Appraisal Institute referenced three new tools that will help you with home…

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